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Real Change Happening in Real Time

Set behind the expansive backdrops of the diverse Alaskan terrain, Connecticut farmland, Colorado cities, and Californian sun kissed metropolis, we will follow survivors as they navigate through the invisible implications of their brain injury, and fight very visible obstacles to keep their lives intact. 

Rather than take a clinical or objective approach, our interactions with the characters become more than just sit-down interviews - we become mutually a part of each other's lives, connected by our experiences, and bonded together by one common goal. 

Follow and support our characters who are reimagining how care can be provided in their local communities and beyond!

Our character's are making real change in their lives and their communities, and we invite you to follow and support their missions alongside of us. Through these stories, we detangle the webs, and fuel a journey towards shaping a landscape of hope and life after a brain injury. Together we can unite in our goal of putting brain health and the invisible injury on the map, and invest in forward thinking and community based solutions.


Check out Dr. Adam Grove, Dr. Ivette Ruiz, and Markell Taylor's stories and initiatives below!

Driving Change For All Alaskans With Brain Injury

Our efforts to understand brain injury were born in Alaska, the leading state of concussions per capita. Alaska has unique challenges - from a high number of incidents, to geographical obstacles creating siloed care, as well as a population with diverse cultural needs -  these complexities have contributed to bottlenecks in comprehensive care. And the consequences are grave. We must take preventative action to deliver inclusive and culturally competent care to the most vulnerable populations. We follow brain injury survivor, and naturopathic doctor, Adam Grove, who spearheads a thoughtful and tangible solution to one of the states oldest and least understood problems. Learn more by clicking the buttons below. 

Healing by Growing for Farmers and Immigrants

Dr. Ivette Ruiz is a warm Puerto Rican immigrant, whose immense strength and positivity has gotten her through many trying times. However, after sustaining an injury in the peak of the pandemic, Dr. Ruiz faces the confusing reality of post-concussive syndrome, and races against time in search for answers and care. Cut off from her livelihood, medical insurance, and life-purpose, Ivette must confront her biggest life hurdle yet. In her efforts to find care Dr. Ivette Ruiz identifies a gap in rural and immigrant care, and spearheads the effort to mobilize her community to build a long term and rehabilitative solution through community gardens. Healing By Growing offers the opportunity for the brain injury community to reconnect with the soil and learn about heritage and healing, while also reducing local food deserts. The program treats the whole person - mind, body, soul and spirit. Her holistic recovery program has an inclusive DEI approach representative of all marginalized groups. 

Rebuild Your Mind Takes a Look at TBI in Criminal Justice 

50-80% of America’s prison population has had a TBI. The statistics are worse for incarcerated women, with the study finding 97% have had a TBI and half have had multiple. When formerly incarcerated Markell Taylor faced a life-long sentence after already serving 22 years, he recognized a gap in societies understanding of the connection between brain/mental health and incarceration. His impressive approach has sparked a global mental health movement challenging people to share their experiences and bring awareness and much needed data to inform policy change. While in prison he wrote the the most aggressive bill to provide neuropsychological screenings and mental health assessments to inmates and individuals in the Colorado Department of corrections. It was signed by the Colorado Legislature on 7/6/2021. He continues to lead the charge in community awareness of brain trauma and healing in Colorado. 

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